Pocket Starships for Android

Pocket Starships is a free-to-play, Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) space combat game!
Come join in the galactic fun on IOS, Android or PC web browser!

• Command your ships in real time space battles!
• Recruit players and build a strong alliance
• Battle with and against thousands of other players for galactic dominance!
• Advanced crafting and upgrading system. Build and upgrade thousands of different items!
• EXPLORE & CONQUER the Galaxy
• Massive PvP battles!
• True Cross-platform technology!

Login and fight, your actions make a difference!
The Mobile Space MMO / MMORPG.

In this galactically entertaining online experience, you will command a multitude of spaceships, forge alliances, and engage scores of other players in the never-ending quest for intergalactic domination!

Pocket Galaxy is an online game that requires an active network connection to play. Once connected, you will join a vast universe populated by thousands of other players just like you, each with their own agenda, reputation, and achievements!
IMPORTANT: This game is still in development, and all mechanics are subject to change at any time!

Our development team is constantly working on improving all existing features, as well as adding new content, so players can expect an ever-evolving experience.