KingdomConquest for iOS


Experience the unique mix of 3D multiplayer dungeon crawling action and Massively Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy!

Reclaim the throne of El Dor by forming alliances with other players to gain control of the 7 towers in Magna, the Land of Monsters. This epic quest will challenge your loyalties and bravery in a world filled with dangerous monsters and cunning opponents. There can only be one alliance to rule the rest. Will it be yours?

Manage resources wisely to expand your kingdom as your alliance battles for power

Team up with other players from around the world to defeat monsters in the dungeon and dominate neighboring lands

Join up to 3 other players for real-time 3D action and use spells and steel to defeat evil monsters. Succeed and you will be rewarded with rare items and monsters

Obtain new items and monster cards by trading with other players via the in-game auction

- iPhone4S Compatibility Update
We are investigating this device.
Your patience is appreciated.

- iOS5 Compatibility Status
・There are no serious problems that prevent gameplay.
・There is a minor issue with the display of the Japanese Romaji keypad.
We will patch these issues in a future version update.

What's New in Version 1.4.6

This version requires installing or updating the OS
to iOS 4.3 or later to play.

Please check your Game Ver. in the World Selection screen.
All current Worlds are Game Ver. C.
Game Ver. C: Across All Seasons

Overall Game
 - Retina Display and 4 inch screens supported.
  Visual improvements for certain in-game screen.
  (iPhone 4 and Later)
 - Fixed the "Japanese Kana" input for iPhone 5.

Option Settings
 - Added setting to not display alerts over a set period of time.
 - Added setting to directly send monsters to the Present Box
  when the monster inventory i sunder the maximum limit.
 - Added setting for device orientation.

UI Fixes
 - City Screen:
  Facilities can be dated while fully zoomed in or out.
 - Unit Screen:
  Improved visuals of monster detail images.
  Fixed "Status Up" screen.
  Added minus button, supported holding down.
 - Pack Screen:
  Improved visuals of monsters in multiple draw animations.
  Multiple draw animations can be done by tapping the screen
  and removed the "SKIP" button.
  Changed the multiple draw animation where the card list
  is skipped by tapping the screen.

Fixed Alliance Relations
 - Fixed where Alliance Lord authority cannot be transferred
  to players in the Beginner's Protection Period.
 - Fixed where facilities cannot be destroyed for 24 hours
  after capturing a territory.
 - "Special Viewership" added for Alliance Forums when becoming
   a Subsidiary/Expelled.

Adjusted Existing Skills
 - Dreadnaught
  Adjusted damage reduction rate by monster count.
  The higher monster count difference required for
  lower skill levels.
  Around 3x the monster count difference required for Lv. 3.
  Monster count difference is lowered by increasing its level.
 - Ocean Pain
  Skill range changed from 3 to 5 to match its description.

Other Minor Fixes
 - Fixed an issue where held crystals are not displayed when
  collecting equipment from the Dungeon Pack.
 - Fixed a rare issue where display of held BP Recovery Medicine is
  displayed incorrectly when taking certain actions.
 - Fixed an issue where certain City Position cannot be selected
  after an Lord's Aide is abandoned/expelled.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.