ELGARD for Android

A Real-Time Full Online Action MORPG!! Elgard !!
Level Expansion Update
*Released Elgard Ultimate Level Expansion
- Changed character’s level form 50 to 60 level!!
*Added New maps and 6 new bosses.
*Added New character skill which is strong and fast
*Changed character’s level form 50 to 60 level!!
*Added New town and about 150 quests
*New maps and New Bosses
*New skill and Talent
*New Rare avatar
*New Jewel
*Arena system change etc
*Password issue is fixed
*We are preparing to Grand update

Elgard is background as Keliman and Mercenary from Chaos invades Elgard, a huge ground. Control and meet cuty characters and enjoy speedy journey on Elgard.
You may communicate with other players in real time. You may create party with other players to enjoy multi-play on the field. In addition, highly precise control allows you to move 16 difections with various anlges of movement and natural motion during fight.

# 7 classes with specialized skills
Kinght, Swordsman, Gunner, Sorceres, Elementalist, Assassin, and Hunter. Each class has special sub-action. Focus on not only increasing attack power alone, but also learning various skills, such as buff skills or debuff skills which are very usuful during party play. These various skills can be stronger through the talents or the sub-skills which may enhance the main skill ability.

#Fantastic Network Play
Using your smartphone, you may access networking system in order to multi-play. You may build the link by communicating with other players in the village. Up to 4 players can be joined in muli-play to acheive the goal easily. Elgard supports both 3G and Wi-Fi network to let you enjoy the mobile RPG game on your smartphone anywhere and anytime.

# Precise Control and Speedy Journey.
From a region to another, enjoy dynamic fights with splendid and vigorous skills on party play using network. The faster you clear each field and monsters, the higher rank and the more experience stats you will earn. By facing on Key Monsters who are a very strong boss on each field, you may fall in extreme focusing and achievement!